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Basic Skills - Mentored Play - PickleSkills

Level 1 – Basic Pickleball Skills. This class is typically offered by the Loveland Parks and Recreation Department and is led by coaches who are employees of the Parks Department. There is a cost to take this class and is paid through the Parks Department. Participants do not need to be members of the LPC.

Level 2 – Mentored Play. Mentored classes are held outdoors during the summer and are offered through the Loveland Pickleball Club. Level 1 – Basic Skills class (or its equivalent) is a prerequisite to take the class.

PickleSkills - PickleSkills classes are held on Wednesday evenings from May through August.  Each week members work on specific skills and drills to improve their game

More Information at the PLAY page

Professional Pickleball Instructor

The LPC is pleased to announce that Wendy Rexroth has joined the LPC for 2021 and is available to work with you.

Wendy is an IPTPA-Level II certified pickleball instructor. She is passionate about pickleball and helping others with everything from learning the game to recreational and competitive play. Wendy has competed at the local, regional and national level.

Wendy is a Loveland resident and is best reached by calling or texting 970-646-3959. 

Simon - The Ball Machine

Simon X, The most powerful and advanced Pickleball Throwing Machine in the World.

With a top speed of 70 mph it is the fastest machine in the World.  With a low speed of 5 mph it is also the softest throwing machine in the World. Perfect, soft feathery dinks at multiple heights and angles. Ball feed speeds of 1.5-10 seconds.

Topspin and Underspin and the most common shot, flat at the touch of a finger.

Only X offers this very cool feature where the oscillation occurs inside the machine which is blacked out. You do not know where the ball is going until it shoots out.

SIMON X Throwing Machine

The rental fee of $10 for the day for members only.

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