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LPC Mission Statement

The Loveland Pickleball Club (LPC) continues to develop and grow the sport of Pickleball in Loveland, Colorado and the surrounding area by:

  • Providing opportunities to play pickleball for players of all skill levels.
  • Promoting pickleball activities in an atmosphere of safety, friendliness, and fair play within the Loveland community.
  • Providing a unified message concerning pickleball concerns and activities to the governing bodies of the City of Loveland and to the community at large.

Our History

The Loveland Pickleball Club, LLC was founded in June of 2012 to promote the growth of pickleball in the greater Loveland community and to provide playing and training opportunities for all members. The LPC started with a core of less than 20 players sharing two pickleball courts with dual striping over one tennis court.

In its first year, the Loveland Pickleball Club, LLC grew to 55 members due to the game’s popularity. As of 2023, LPC membership stands at 700+ active members with skill levels up to 4.5. The membership growth is a direct result of LPC's focus on the playing opportunities, skill development, and training opportunities. This focus has fostered growth from Loveland and surrounding communities.

2023 Board of directors

President, Tracie Lillard

Directs the overall activities of the LPC in accordance with its bylaws and policies.

Secretary, Laurie Alburn

Maintains Loveland Pickleball records, Board meeting minutes, and member roster.

Vice President, Tony Fiore

Supports the president by executing tasks and chairing committees, as requested.

Court Operations Director, Mark Williams

Obtains court reservations and coordinates LPC play, ladder play, LPC tournaments and special events for all skill levels.

Treasurer, Patty Lowe

Handles Loveland Pickleball Club finances and business management.

Loveland Pickleball Club

Loveland Colorado

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